Counselor's Corner





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Hello! My name is Jenny Haigler, the School Counselor at Pinewood Elementary. 


The Beauregard Parish School Counselors facilitate the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. School Counselors are integral members of the instructional team. They directly impact student achievement by delivering comprehensive services that meet the needs of the 21st Century school community.

What does this mean for your child?

This means that I pay close attention to every student in the building and how he/she ‘connects’ to his/her education and therefore achieves to the maximum level possible. I support your child and all school stakeholders to creatively problem-solve any issues that may (temporarily or otherwise) pose an obstacle to the learning process and your child’s academic achievement.


    504 Coordinator                                                       

    English Language Coordinator (EL)

    Testing Coordinator

    Homeless Liaison

    Individual Counseling

    Small Group Counseling

    Classroom Guidance Lessons (per request)

    Support in Parent Conferences


School Counselors are uniquely trained leaders who promote success for all students.  They collaborate with school stakeholders using data-driven decisions to facilitate the success of the 21st century learner in an ever-changing society.  As a result the student will:

  • Achieve to his/her maximum potential
  • Demonstrate academic, career, personal/social problem-solving skills