Assistant Principal


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    Stephanne Spikes


    assit         t

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Pine Wood Elementary. 
As the Assistant Principal, it is our aim to provide an excelle
 education for your child in a caring,happy atmosphere. We want children
to feel secure to develop self-confidence in a supportive busy and
 active environment where learning is central to all we do.

Children are encouraged to work and play together, to share and
to think of others.  Our school strives to be a place where both children
and staff respect each other and enjoy working in harmony together. 
 We have high expectations for children and we want them to work hard to
realize their potential.  We recognize our children’s diverse abilities,
 interests, and ethnicity,and aim to provide wide ranging activities to meet
theseindividual needs.Your child will make new friends, meet new ideas,
and be confronted with exciting challenges.

Mr. Maricle and I encourage and welcome you to become involved
with our school, to work with us to ensure the best possible education
for your child.